Güimar volcanic lands: an example of Tenerife’s nature

Güímar Malpais houses one of the best examples of cardonal-tabaibal of the archipelago, in the rest of the South of the island suffered a strong deterioration. Possesses great scientific importance, both for its high rate of endemic species, by having threatened species as a healer known as balillo (Atalanthus microcarpa), and a great cast of protected species. It is a simple structure (Cone and associated Malpais) but well preserved and geomorphological interest, a milestone of landscape reference of the territory it occupies. It has an area of 290,3 hectares occupy 2.82% of the municipality. Statement: it was declared by law 12/1987, of June 19, Declaration of natural spaces of Canary Islands, as natural landscape of national of Malpaís Güímar and reclassified interest to your current category by law 12/1994 of December 19, natural spaces of Canary Islands.